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Finally take the leap from disorganized creative to professional business owner










New normal means a new way of running your business  


  • Are you a wedding photographer who doesn't feel ready when your business opens back up again?
  • Do you feel nervous about being over extended to make up for lost revenue?
  • Do you FINALLY want to set up systems so you feel like you are running  a professional organized business?
  • Do you feel constantly distracted and don't know how to focus and prioritize your time to actually get big picture goals accomplished?


Now is the time to change the way you work day to day so that you can pivot and grow.

My step by step systems will keep you focused, motivated and profitable. 

3 steps to go from overwhelmed and chaotic to organized and stress-free


HOW to get/stay focused and create mental space so you can bring in more revenue


Perfect your workflow and create efficient systems to maximize profit


Design your ideal workday and create quarterly and yearly production plans



  • Prioritize your time and have a BOSS mindset

  • Plan and execute big picture business development plans to help you grow and earn more income

  • Implement efficient systems so you can clear space and time for what is more important to your day and lifestyle

    Finally take the leap from "artist" to "professional"


"When I think about powerful business brains in the photography industry, Jenny DeMarco comes to mind first. Not only does she live business intelligence first hand with her own thriving business, she shares her wisdom openly and lovingly with her coaching clients. I’ve been fortunate to have her coach me through both challenging and prosperous business times and decisions. She advises in a way that gives you far more than you even think you’re asking for. Whenever I start digging into a business idea and need another perspective, I always call Jenny first." 

Jeremy Minnerick

St. Louis, MO

Here are the Details


This is a LIMITED size small group


WHO: This workshop is for wedding photographers who need help getting focused and organized. You want systems and a way to work easily and efficiently. 


WHERE: You will join Zoom calls and our Pop-Up facebook Group to ask questions


WHEN: 4x 1-hour recorded Zoom sessions covering at 11am EST / 10am CST / 8am PT on the following dates:


Session 1: 

Why you need to be a better BOSS and have a CEO Mindset


Session 2 :

Setup a system to clear your mental space to, stop overwhelm, get focused, and get things done!


Session 3 :

Creating an Efficient Business Machine with workflows and more


Session 4 :

Planning and making a road map for your ideal year, month, week and work Day


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“I can’t say this enough. Jenny is absolutely the real deal. If you would like to grow your sales, if you would like to become profitable, and you would like to book more weddings AND get the clients you’re looking for, take Jenny’s class! Before reaching out to Jenny, I felt completely stuck in my business. I was booking about 10 weddings a year and was not charging close to what I should have been. After working with Jenny, I booked nearly double that the next year and was able to add an additional 2k+ per wedding. As I continue that number will probably double by the end of this year!”

Adam Kealing Austin, Texas

Hi, I'm Jenny DeMarco

When I first started my business 10 years ago, I was frustrated that there wasn’t a business “handbook” for me to follow. Why did everything seem more complicated than it really was? 

I have always really loved learning about business, finances, marketing, and productivity. But for me personally, I have to take those complicated concepts that big companies are using and translate it to simple steps that I can understand and use.

And that is what I did.

I made tweaks and changes, I created goals and plans for how to achieve them. I set up systems. I developed the confidence to feel like I knew what I was doing to grow and run a professional studio.

But most importantly, this has given me a sustainable six-figure income year after year doing what I love! 

I am here to help to help you do the same!

Organize your Business with my Help!

Don't Miss Out

FINALLY take the leap from disorganized creative to professional business owner










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